Andrology services we provide:

Andrology services involve anything related to sperm and male (AMAB) infertility.  It includes fertility testing, sperm preparation for insemination or IVF/ART procures, and sperm cryopreservation.

Sperm Preparation

What is sperm preparation for insemination:

Sperm preparation is when semen is washed to remove seminal fluid and prepared for intrauterine insemination (IUI).

Why would you need sperm prepared for inseminations:

Washing and preparing the semen for an IUI is the first line of treatment for infertility. Washing the semen separates the seminal fluid from the sperm. Seminal fluid cannot go into the uterus because it can cause uterine cramps or other adverse reactions. A density gradient wash also removes non-motile sperm cells and concentrates the motile sperm cells to increase the chances of achieving pregnancy. (not all methods remove non-motiles)There are different methods of sperm preparation that can be used depending on your sperm quality and the fertility treatment you are going to use.

Semen Analysis

What is a semen analysis:

A semen analysis is a laboratory test that evaluates specific parameters of your seminal fluid and sperm, such as how the viscosity of the semen, how the sperm move, the physical characteristics of individual sperm cells, and how many motile sperm you have in a sample. The results of your testing are compared to World Health Organization standard values and help your physician come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Why would you need a semen analysis:

A semen analysis is often the first step in fertility testing. Your physician may order a semen analysis to determine if you have an identifiable medical reason for infertility and to come up with a treatment plan. A semen analysis can also help determine if you can start with IUIs or if you need to go to more advanced treatments like IVF or ICSI.


Sperm Cryopreservation

What is sperm cryopreservation:

Sperm Cryopreservation is when sperm is prepared and frozen in liquid nitrogen for future use.

When to consider sperm cryopreservation:

To use in future IUI, IVF, or ICSI treatments
When you are using Pregenetic Testing (PGT)

If you are going to undergo cancer treatments or procedures that can affect your fertility in the future

If you are going to undergo gender-affirming treatments or procedures that can affect your fertility in the future

Prior to hormone treatment

Prior to military deployment

Prior to extended travel

Prior to urological surgeries

Prior to potential exposure to substances that can affect your fertility in the future

Prior to other medical treatments or procedures

Sperm Storage

What is sperm storage:

Sperm storage is when sperm is prepared and frozen in liquid nitrogen.  The sperm will then remain frozen in liquid nitrogen at a reproductive tissue storage facility until you are ready to use your sample.  There is a recurring fee associated with storing your sample.

When to consider sperm storage:

You would store your sperm for the same reason you would choose cryopreservation.  It is essentially the same thing. Just think of it as the process of actually “storing” the sample in a safe place to be used later when or if you might need it.